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Freedom Park Picnic Rentals

(Freedom Park Drive next to the Aerospace Museum of California)

Are you looking for that special place to host a birthday party, family reunion or company picnic? Freedom Park is an excellent location for special events with covered picnic shelters, BBQ pits, restroom access, and plenty of space to play. A picnic site reservation is required for groups larger than 40 people. Reserve your covered picnic site online at

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Freedom Park is available to be rented between March to October.
Freedom Park Splash Pad: Season opening of the Freedom Park Splash Pad is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend.

Individual Picnic Sites





Roger Dickinson Pavilion

Picnic Packages

Starfighter and Constellation

Aardvark and Roger Dickinson Pavilion

All 5 Picnic Sites:

200 people or under
A small family, neighborhood, business or church picnic.

All 5 Picnic Sites

201-350 people (Special Use Permit)
Permits will be granted for large picnics, which may include family, business, church, organization picnics, reunions, weddings, parties, camping, dog shows, training, contests, etc., that consist of 201-350 participants. All special use permits must be approved by the District Administrator.

All 5 Picnic Sites

351+ people (Special Event Permit)
Permits will be granted for special events which may include concerts, car shows, festivals, holiday or other appropriate events consisting of 351 people or more, open to the general public.

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